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Early look at the SoCon Conference

Early look at the SoCon Conference
Dan Seifring
@obrats Twitter

Last season Campbell held off the host team Appalachian State on the strength of eight medalists.   The championship was the second SoCon title for Campbell in three years. As we take an early look at potential lineups for the SoCon it looks like Cary Kolat’s Camels will be the team to beat again this season when the conference championships rolls around March 8th again hosted by Appalachian State.

2018-19 Conference Championship Team Scores

Campbell (Camp)                         95.0        6 NCAA qualifiers in 2019

Appalachian State (App St)    92.5        4 NCAA qualifiers in 2019

Chattanooga    (Chatt)              62.0        4 NCAA qualifiers in 2019

The Citadel (Cit)                          42.5        1 NCAA qualifiers in 2019

Gardner-Webb (GW)               24.5        1 NCAA qualifiers in 2019

Davidson (Dav)                           22.5        0 NCAA qualifiers in 2019

VMI                                                   17.0        1 NCAA qualifiers in 2019

Campbell shared the SoCon’s regular season championship with Appalachian St. and Chattanooga last season.  As mentioned this year’s Campbell’s team is loaded and I think they have the team to win all SoCon duals and win the regular season outright.  As a conference the SoCon has not had an All-American (AA) in the last two seasons after having two in 2017. Campbell’s Nathan Kraisser 125 pounds and Appalachian State’s Denzel Dejournette were the two to reach AA.  The conference welcomes Presbyterian in their inaugural season making it an eight team conference. At this point I feel it may be too early to speculate Presbyterian’s lineup so I didn’t include any of their wrestlers.  Let’s take a look at what we may see in the SoCon this coming season. Obviously it’s early and rosters can and probably will change as we get into the season.

125 Pounds

The conference returns two SoCon placers from last season in champion Korbin Meink (Camp) and 3rd place finisher De’Andre Swinson (App St).  But the guy to watch this season could be Fabian Gutierrez (Chatt) who had been stuck behind Alonzo Allen the last few years but will get the opportunity to start this season.  Gutierrez was 4-0 in dual meets last season and had wins over both Meink and Swinson last season.

133 Pounds

Three of the top four SoCon placers return this season with champion Codi Russell (App St), runner up Noah Gonser (Camp) and fourth place finisher Kyle Gorant (Dav).  Russell and Gonser wrestled three times last season with Russell winning two of those matches and getting the 9-4 decision in the conference finals. I would be surprised if we don’t see a repeat SoCon final this season.

141 Pounds

With the news of 149 pound SoCon champion Josh Heil (Camp) dropping down to 141 pounds the conference will return two SoCon champions at this weight.  Heil will join Chris Debien (Chatt) SoCon champion in 2019 and at 133 pounds in 2017. Blake Mullkey (GW) also returns after taking fourth last season.  Heil and Debien have not meet on a college mat but looking at their common opponents over the years I give a slight edge to Heil.

149 Pounds

With Heil dropping it opens the door for transfer Mason Smith (Camp) to step in to the lineup.  M. Smith is a past 2x NCAA qualifier for Central Michigan having done so in 2017 and 2018 at 141 pounds.  He originally was going to transfer to Arizona State but ultimately ended up at Campbell. His biggest competition should come from Tanner Smith (Chatt), second in the SoCon last season at the weight.  T. Smith transferred himself when Eastern Michigan decided to drop it’s wrestling program following the 2018 season.

157 Pounds

At 157 pounds we might see three SoCon bronze medalist battling for the gold this season.  Matt Zovistoski (App St) is up from 149 pounds where he placed 3rd last season in the SoCon.  That earned him his second trip to the NCAA Championships, having previously qualified in 2017 when he was a round of 16 finisher.  Austin Kraisser (Camp) should be back at the weight after redshirting last season, Kraisser placed 3rd in the SoCon in 2018. It will be interesting to see who represents Campbell at the weight since they also have last years SoCon 157 pound champion Benjamin Barton still on the roster.  Returning to the weight will be last years 3rd place finisher Ryan Resnick (Chatt) who will also look to improve on last years finish.

165 Pounds

Last season Dazjon Castor (Cit) had a very nice true freshman season finishing 3rd in the SoCon, making him the only placer to return from last season at the weight.  But coming off redshirt is Quentin Perez (Camp) who has placed twice in the SoCon in previous seasons. Perez was the SoCon champ in 2017 and placed 3rd in 2018, qualifying for the NCAA tournament in both of those seasons.  I would expect this year champion to be one of these two wrestlers.

174 Pounds

The four placers from last season are back but 2nd place finisher Andrew Morgan (Camp) looks to be moving up to 184.  Neal Richards (VMI) was the SoCon champ last year and will be the favorite to repeat this season. Richards is a 2x NCAA qualifier and should be a top 10 ranked guy this coming season when rankings start coming in.  The two consolation finalist will be back this season, last season Kyle Homet (GW) won in overtime over Thomas Flitz (App St) to take 3rd place. I would also look for Navy transfer AJ Alford (Cit) and Caleb Hopkins (Camp) to be in the mix in what might be the deepest weight in the SoCon.

184 Pounds

Last years champion Chris Kober (Camp) is moving up to 197 pounds and 2nd place finisher Alan Clothier has transferred to Northern Colorado leaving Dominic Lampe (Chatt) the only returning placer at the weight.  But joining Lampe is 174 pound 2nd place finisher Andrew Morgan (Camp). Morgan finished the season with 25 wins and was an NCAA qualifier. Lampe and Morgan have met twice in college with Lampe winning both of those matches.  Unlike 174 pounds this weight is not very deep and it looks to be a two man race for the title.

197 Pounds

As mentioned Chris Kober (Camp) is bumping up to 197 pounds after winning the conference last season at 184 pounds.  Like 174 pounds this weight has some depth, Kober’s competition at the weight should come from Rodney Jones (Chatt) who placed 3rd in the conference and Conor Fenn (Dav)  who is also bumping up after placing 4th at 184 pounds last year. Two guys that haven’t placed but will be in the hunt to do so this year are Anthony Perrine (GW) and Paul Carson (App St).

285 Pounds

Like 141 pounds we have two SoCon champions at the weight this season.  Last years champ Cary Miller (App St) and 2018 champion Jere Heino (Camp) who is coming off redshirt should be on a collision course to meet in the finals this season.  Heino and Miller have wrestled twice in the past with Heino winning both of those matches. Heino has come close to becoming an AA, when he was a round of 12 guy in 2018 and in 2017 when he finished in the round of 16.  Michael McAleavey (Cit) placed 3rd in the SoCon last season and should be back to battle Heino and Miller. McAleavey has wrestled a combined eight matches against the other two but has only won one of those eight.

FCW Updates and Notes


Hello WrestleStat Friends

First thank you to everyone that has helped us with the testing of the draft system for the upcoming FCW season.  Your feedback is valuable and much appreciated.

If you have completed a draft and go into your league home page you will see a few tabs.  If you click the “Schedule” tab you will see your teams weekly match-ups. From there if you click “View” you get a detailed view of that weeks match-up.  You will see projected points (though a very crude formula is being used right now), and how many duals and tournaments your wrestlers team is scheduled to wrestle that week. There will be changes/additions to the information displayed on this page, but it’s just a starting point to get something out there.  And if you are like me, you would have seen that you didn’t have a full roster starting for the week. If that is the case, you can click “Home” and “Update Roster” and make any changes you wish to. Obviously there have not been many schedules released yet but as they are released and we update them to WrestleStat, projected points will change.

Remember these leagues you drafted are only beta and they will be cleared out before we go live closer to the season so play with the trade function and don’t worry if a trade isn’t equitable, we just want to make sure the process works.  And there is still time to set up additional leagues and do more drafts. We have drafts happening everyday it seems. Click the link to go to our draft page FCW Draft Page if you don’t have a registered account you can set one up for free.

If you drafted a league and you were the only “live” player we may have purged your league just to clean up the number of leagues we see on our end.  If that is the case, you can start a new league or join one that is open to the public and draft a new team.

Also we are finalizing how the scoring will work as we are talking with many wrestling fans getting their input and sharing our thoughts.  We would like to have that out to everyone by the end of August.

Thank you,

Greg and Dan

FCW – Fantasy College Wrestling

Hello WrestleStat Friends

You are getting a sneak peak at our Fantasy College Wrestling page, the latest addition to WrestleStat.com.  At this point we just ask that you play around with setting up a league and going through a draft. After the draft you can propose trades with other members, or add and drop wrestlers via Free Agency.  Remember you are only testing the system don’t worry about making trades that are amicable. The league you set up now will NOT come over when we go live with the FCW system.

We purposely did not give you rules or instructions as to how this works because we want to see how user friendly it is now and how hard it might be to figure out.  I assure you we will have rules well before we go live. Also you will not find how the scoring works or anything like that at this point. At this point we just want you to test setting up a league and going through the draft process.  You can also join any league that others have set up that don’t require a password.

After setting up a league you can invite others to join your league or just go ahead and click “Fill With SIM Users” to get you to 10 league members (at this time we are set up for 10 team leagues).  Our system will draft for any non “real” players. That is the only instructions I am going to give you at this time.

We really want to get your feedback so please email us as many times as you would like, please send all emails to support@wrestlestat.com.  This is a work in process and we are planning on your feedback and implementing changes that our users recommend.


Thank you,

Greg and Dan

2019-20 Updated Team Rosters

All official team rosters were checked 6/10/2019 and will be checked twice a week and more often as we get closer to the season starting.  Check back often for updates.


Teams that have fully updated their 2019-20 rosters are listed below.

North Carolina   ACC     https://www.wrestlestat.com/team/46/north-carolina/profile

North Carolina State   ACC     https://www.wrestlestat.com/team/47/north-carolina-state/profile

Indiana   B1G     https://www.wrestlestat.com/team/33/indiana/profile

Michigan   B1G     https://www.wrestlestat.com/team/40/michigan/profile

Minnesota   B1G     https://www.wrestlestat.com/team/42/minnesota/profile

Ohio State   B1G     https://www.wrestlestat.com/team/55/ohio-state/profile

Purdue   B1G     https://www.wrestlestat.com/team/64/purdue/profile

Wisconsin   B1G     https://www.wrestlestat.com/team/77/wisconsin/profile

Air Force   Big 12     https://www.wrestlestat.com/team/1/air-force/profile

Fresno State   Big 12     https://www.wrestlestat.com/team/829/fresno-state/profile

Utah Valley   Big 12     https://www.wrestlestat.com/team/72/utah-valley/profile

West Virginia   Big 12     https://www.wrestlestat.com/team/76/west-virginia/profile

Brown   EIWA     https://www.wrestlestat.com/team/10/brown/profile

Bucknell   EIWA     https://www.wrestlestat.com/team/11/bucknell/profile

Columbia   EIWA     https://www.wrestlestat.com/team/19/columbia/profile

Cornell   EIWA     https://www.wrestlestat.com/team/20/cornell/profile

Harvard   EIWA     https://www.wrestlestat.com/team/30/harvard/profile

Lehigh   EIWA     https://www.wrestlestat.com/team/37/lehigh/profile

Penn   EIWA     https://www.wrestlestat.com/team/61/pennsylvania/profile

Sacred Heart   EIWA     https://www.wrestlestat.com/team/67/sacred-heart/profile

George Mason   MAC     https://www.wrestlestat.com/team/29/george-mason/profile

Kent State   MAC     https://www.wrestlestat.com/team/36/kent-state/profile

Rider   MAC     https://www.wrestlestat.com/team/65/rider/profile

Cal Poly   Pac 12     https://www.wrestlestat.com/team/13/cal-poly/profile

Stanford   Pac 12     https://www.wrestlestat.com/team/70/stanford/profile

Campbell   SoCon     https://www.wrestlestat.com/team/14/campbell/profile

Davidson   SoCon     https://www.wrestlestat.com/team/22/davidson/profile


Teams that have updated their 2019-20 rosters WITHOUT incoming freshman.

Maryland   B1G

Michigan State   BIG

Nebraska   B1G

Rutgers   B1G

Northern Iowa   Big 12

Oklahoma   Big 12

Army   EIWA

Drexel   EIWA

Old Dominion   MAC

Arizona State   Pac 12

CSU Bakersfield   Pac 12

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